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Extraits de mes lectures d'articles de presse, de magazines, romans anglais ou américains. Les paragraphes sont isolés et touchent tous les domaines.

A la demande de plusieurs amis, j'ai augmenté le nombre des mots traduits. Il suffit de passer la souris sur les mots soulignés. La traduction s'affiche dans la ligne du bas de l'écran.

Cette semaine on trouvera comment exprimer une relation, une connexion, une mention.

With regard to purchases of civilian goods , the figure includes the supply of specialized equipment.

Owing to our government's recent changes in the regulations governing the safety of children's toys we regret to inform you that we must cancel part of our order.

We would like to have a trial of the items mentioned .

Some of the items listed have aroused our interest. 


In keeping with (in harmony with) military expanditures.

To relate, to refer to something

To be on good terms with someone.

With regard to previous procurements


We have regular dealings with the NASA

The NASA will put you through to one of its subcontractors.

All that has reference to the conditions now prevailing in our educational System is awfully distressing.

It is a most satisfying decision in the single framework of the United Nations.


People in town make fun of him in all respects (in every respect).

The relevant documents trace back the case to the last war.

We were pleased to receive your inquiry of 25 June concerning the range of machine tools featured in our new catalogue (US = catalog).

This letter was without any bearing on the subject .

Scientific popularisation and Robotics are answerable to Doctor Powell.

Mise à jour le 16/04/2000

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